Big Bend National Park

Everywhere I heard that this is the least visited national park. While I was there, I realized that to be so true.
Rio Grade river draws the boundary between Mexico and US and the park bends across the boundary, hence the name.


This borderland is characterized by rugged mountain ranges, grassland, and immense tracts of desert.

The rugged nature of the park attracts only specific kind of people.

The park is huge- I almost drove more than 150 miles within the park. There is only one lodging option inside the park and the nearest town is more than 50 miles away.

If you like winding roads, steep roads and hairpin bends- plan it now ! The pictures would do no justice to this place. It’s not a typical California landscape but you will surely enjoy the remoteness. I was talking to a group of motorists there and we agreed that the park roads were probably engineered by some driving enthusiasts. God Bless them


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