Solo Trip Guide

Organise places of interest

You can plan for a drive and explore the place in an unplanned way or just relax there doing absolutely nothing. This depends on how you want your trip to be.  But when I am travelling to a place where there are multiple attractions nearby, and I want to make the most of my limited time, I organise the places  in Google maps. Google maps is easily accessible throughout all mobile devices and extremely useful in keeping your trip organised, only if you know how to do it.

When I was visiting  Rocky Mountains National Park, I only had a day to explore the park. So I decided to cover as much as possible in this trip and gain enough experience so that I can plan better next time I am there.

Check the below schematic that I created from Google maps.

Organise Visiting Points

Also notice how I marked the places of interest in the map. You can get the detailed map in the parks website. Research on the places that you want to see and then locate the places in Google maps to mark them as “starred places”. As this is synced to your google profile,  use your phone or any computer to access google maps and all the “starred places” will come right away. Isn’t that cool ? No Need to write down the name of the places, addresses, reviews etc.

This saves a lot of time and helps prioritizing the places that I must see before the day ends. While in Rocky Mountains, I was exploring the park as if I come here daily.

If you are confused on how to put those star icons on a place in Google maps, check this out How to save locations on Google Maps

Want to even go deeper. Sure, this site is for you then and test your time management skill.

Food for thought- as they say, some plans are better unplanned. Go figure.

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