Solo Trip Guide

Things to pack

while its impossible to foresee any sudden incidents in the trip but you can get prepared as much as you can to handle such situations. Moreover, some basic preparation will provide you some level of confidence while taking some of the less traveled roads, in case the situation demands it. Many times, I had to take some deserted roads and mountain roads at night where I saw nothing but few animals. The basic travel kits still gave me some level of confidence.

  • First Aid Kit – Depending on your budget, you can either buy pack with more items or a basic one. I prefer a basic one which will be lightweight and convenient to carry while providing the required items.  Always, study the pack carefully so that you know what all you have in case some emergency situation comes up.
First Aid Kit
  • Booster Cable /Jump starter – Carry a portable jump starter or at least a booster cable in case your car battery dies. You can call Roadside assistance and get it going but carrying a portable starter will save a lot of time.  You can use the portable jumpers for charging your devices as well.
Jumper Cable
Portable Jumper







  • Tire Repair Kit-  Checking tire pressure is very important before starting a trip. Modern cars have tire pressure sensor that can alert you in case of leak or low pressure. But, checking it before starting the trip may save you lot of hassle during the trip. If you are DIY kind of person, do not forget to carry the puncture repair kit.Again, do not just rely on Roadside assistance. You may be travelling to a deserted road where Roadside assistance may not be available. There are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you how to repair a puncture. If you have a spare tire, you can replace otherwise just repair it in few mins. And, these are pretty cheap to add to your extra confidence.


  • Portable tire compressor- So you are cruising on highways and suddenly your dashboard alerts you of a low tire pressure. Nearest gas station is far away and there is no guarantee that there will be air pump at that station. If you are DIY kid of person, you can check and repair your tire or you can just inflate your tire and monitor for further pressure changes so that you can drive to a nearest tire repair shop.Convenient right ? Of course, it is. This inexpensive onetime investment may turn out to be a great relief once you need it.




So what else do you pack in your car ? Let me know.

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