Solo Trip Guide

Final Words

Being a car enthusiast, I also love to roll down my windows to listen to the roaring sound of the engine, the whistle of the turbos and of course the supper bassy exhaust notes while breaking all the legal speed limits. Together they create the best fusion that causes an adrenaline rush. Hell yeah, right ?

But hold on to your adrenaline supply. We are not going to race. We are on a road trip. Relax and play some music on an open country road and enjoy each miles as you drive.

Always plan as per your comfort level– miles each day, night drive vs day drive etc. Take adequate stops to interact with local people, to feel the weather and culture, and of course to taste local food.

Plan ahead and try to leave early. Speeding to catch up the time will not only ruin the fun but will make your body exhausted. Remember, you are on a road trip to capture each and every moment of it, to get involved in the diverse landscapes and attitudes on life and most importantly to discover yourself in each of the trips.

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