To the Land of Enchantment

Day 3 – To Carlsbad

While in Santa Fe, I thought of exploring the Ski Santa area, not because I like skiing  but because of the ‘Santa Fe scenic byway’ that leads to it. And trust me, it was fascinating. The 15 miles loop from Santa Fe to the Ski area is some of the best scenic routes I have driven. I just wish I had been there during Fall. The winding roads through the dense forest felt so refreshing and relaxing.

Here’s the route for you. Thank me later.

Image copyright Google

I did not want to leave Santa Fe but another destination was calling- Carlsbad. It was probably 280 miles from Santa Fe ski area. Little did I know, when I started this journey, how lonely it was going to be. US 285 is the most deserted highways I have ever driven. Reminder-Never travel without basic survival kits.

Oh did I mention about the Gentlemen’s club in the desert ? May be for the ghosts !








I reached Carlsbad around 5 PM. It was pretty hot outside so decided to check into the hotel and take some rest. Evening I had planned for the drive in movie experience.  I did not expect that much crowd. The gate opens at 7.30 PM and more than 50 cars lined up already by 7 PM. It was crazy, it was amazing- a lifetime experience indeed.




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